What we do?

We are  committed to providing exceptional food product development services mainly from locally sourced farm produce, product formulation and optimization, translating concepts to prototypes, nutritional profiling, research and related services through science-based and culinary expertise.

Recipe Development

We are passionate about creating great tasting food for today's market. Our goal is to have our client's products succeed in an increasingly competitive market place and we also promote the use of locally sourced ingredients in our formulations.

Consulting/Advisory Services on Food Product Development

Our team of professionals provide advisory and research related services to our client's in the food industry.

Facilitate Linkage to Farm Produce

Due to our focus on the use of indigenous farm produce, Ritk'nen Ventures has overtime established relationships with farmers nationwide which facilitates the supply of farm produce to major off-takers.

Quality Assurance Consulting

Food is one of the most regulated sector because of its health impact, hence the need for quality. Ritk'nen Ventures via our QA team consults for food companies to develop a work model and ensure they adhere to international standards.

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